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We have had BABIES!!

Current available chinchillas are listed here. If you have specific requests or questions please feel free to reach out.

We are willing to deliver your chinchilla to you if needed. Once a month trips are made to Chesapeake or Elizabeth City and I can deliver along this route with no additional charge. Delivery outside of this route is $1 per mile. We do not ship our chinchillas currently.

Prices are different depending on coloration and rarity.

Standard Grays $200-275

Beige 350-400

Black Velvet $375-450

Ebony Light to Medium $400-500

Ebony Medium to Extra Dark 500-650

Tan 400-550

White Mosaic $450-550

White Ebony (highly marked) 450-650

Pink White $500-700

Angoras $1200- $2000

Updated May 4th, 2024


P26 1.jpg
P26 2.jpg

P26 is a standard male that is very good a cuddles and would be great as a single chinchilla or paired up. He is currently housed with P19 the white mosaic.

Born 7/29/23 the only pure standard male available. Total price 250.

R3 1.jpg
R3 2.jpg

R3 is a Mosaic RPAc male. He is extremely handle-able due to having an injury at birth and being held and checked constantly. This left him with no tail but that doesn't stop him in the least. He has fully healed from this injury and can't wait to find his forever home. Currently bonded with P26 and can go together.

Available for 600 

R8 2.jpg
R8 1.jpg

R8 born 3/10/2024 is one of the sweetest little males. He also had his tail over groomed at birth which has left him with a lot of character. He is a light ebony and available May 14. Currently bonded with R10 and R11 and can go as a group, pair, or singles. 

Total price $375 with a $50 deposit

R10 1.jpg
R10 3.jpg

R10 is a beige male RPAc born 3/18/2024. He is very handle-able and will grow to be a beautiful male. If he doesn't sell before show season he may stay here.

Available May 14th total price 400

R11 Angora.jpg
R11 Angora 2.jpg

R11 is our first Angora and while we love him and want to keep him we've decided to list him while he continues to grow out. If he is still around at show season he will be shown and possibly increase in price if he does well. Available to go home on May 14th. Born 3/18/2024

Total price 2000, deposit is 100 for angoras.


P33 3.jpg
P33 2.jpg

P33 a medium ebony girl. She is very sweet and loving. Good at cuddling and still has a lot of personality to discover. She is currently bonded with her sister and can go as a pair or single.

P33 was born 11/18/23 and is a medium ebony. Total price $450 deposit $50

P34 2.jpg
P34 1.jpg

P34 is a beautiful dark ebony female. She could be good for a breeding program or as a pet but she is still too young to judge. She has gotten a lot of attention lately so we have her listed. It is possible as she grows that we decide to keep her. Currently bonded with her sister.

Born 11/18/23 and available for $600

R5 2.jpg
R5 3.jpg

R5 was born 2/22/2024 she is a beautiful young female. Very sweet and pretty good with being handled. She prefers coming to you and loves attention. She is currently bonded with R7 and can go as a pair or single. 

Total price $250 deposit $50

R7 1.jpg
R7 2.jpg

R7 born 3/10/2024 just like her brother she is missing her tail. Mom overgroomed them at birth but it is healed and healthy. She is very loving and tolerates being held pretty well for a young chinchilla. Ready to go home May 14th.


Total price $450 deposit $50

Sales Policy

I request that anyone interested in purchasing an animal from me receives the correct information. I have plenty here on my website as well as a word document I can email to you if you choose. Do not hesitate to ask questions as I will be doing the same to you. OBX chinchillas prides itself on quality show and pet lines.

I accept cash, credit, venmo, and zelle for all purchases. Animals must be paid in full before pick up or delivery. Delivery fee is $1/mile unless otherwise stated. A nonrefundable deposit of $50 is due to hold any animal. After a deposit is made it can be transferred to another animal but cannot be refunded. Deposits hold the animal for 20 days unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. If the animal is paid in full you have 35 days to pick up or get delivered after that it is a $25/week housing fee.

I do not sell to minors and require a parent purchase the chinchilla. Chinchillas have a long life expectancy and should not be taken in lightly. 

If there is a health issue with your chinchilla you may replace or return for a full refund minus the nonrefundable $50 deposit. I will only give a replacement or refund if I am found at fault for the health of the chinchilla. This may require a necropsy done at the expense of the owner.

All animals must complete a 30 day quarantine before placing them with another chinchilla you already own. I do not promise that my animal will get along with one you already own. In the case of inappropriate quarantines, cross species habitating, injury while bonding, or unsafe living conditions (food, treats, plastic, etc) the warranty will not be upheld. Surrenders do NOT have a warranty.

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