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OBX Chinchillas Products

I keep coming up with new products all the time and welcome any challenges you may want to ask about. Currently I have hammocks, pillows, wooden shelves, and feed supplies available to order. Most are premade but can do custom orders. If you would like to order an item please contact us or use the links below.

We are still working out how to have multiple items in cart. This may take a few days.


manna pro.png
hay cubes.jpg

Alfalfa and timothy hay cubes. Perfect cubes snacks for your chinchilla to stay healthy and ware down teeth.

$2/lb or $8/5lbs

hammock purple black.jpg

Single Hammock $18 + shipping

Soft fleece. made with 100% safe material for chinchillas. Multiple pattern options.

Chill dust used for bathing. Use what the pros use for their herds. 

$4/lb or $15/5lbs

double hammock.JPG

Double Hammock $26        + shipping

Soft fleece. Made with 100% safe material for chinchillas. Multiple pattern options

Manna Pro Premium Rabbit feed is what all my animals are on. Since we buy in bulk we can pass along savings to you.

$2/lb or $8/5lbs

Sales over $35 recieve free shipping

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